Monday, February 05, 2007

holy jesus! TATTOOED FISH!!!!

A tropical fish supplier in Hong Kong is offering a unique new service in which it will tattoo fish with the words, patterns or logos of your choice using a laser.
HK Aquaria Mall sells a range of parrot cichlids that are dye tattooed with Chinese New Year wishes or sayings such as "I love you", and now offers the opportunity to have fish custom tattooed with the words of your choice.
...Chairman of the HK Aquaria Mall, Alen Lee, told the Chinese newspaper Mingpao that unlike some other forms of dyed fish, his are tattooed with dye using a special "low intensity laser" which he claims leaves a permanent mark and does not cause the fish any pain.


Blogger dunadi said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet the Hog Kong market sells them for Baht and labels them in Thai script? What's up wit dat whitey?

11:10 AM  

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