Monday, January 29, 2007

wherin we we offer thee angler a voluntary beatdown

Aye, we have begun to notice it too: much like shitty, redundant fishing bulletin boards, shitty redundant fishing blogs are beginning to clog the internets. But Thee Badass Hooked Whitey is not about the lame, the boring or the dumb (OK, sometimes we are verry, verry often about the dumb, but whatever). That's why we are pointing readers in the general direction of voluntary beatdown, a self-indulgent, profane and ill-mannered steelheadin' blog that kicks much ass. We dig it and are adding it to the sidebar thingy over there ---->

An Excerpt:
Defining observations of the 2007 winter season, thus far.
all i'm sayin' is that since we switched from Pabst BigMans to Rainier Tallboys, we started catching the fuck outta the local steelhead. instantly.

can't quite pin down the metaphysical rationale behind the Pabst/Rainer Battle for the Cosmos, but i do know it's all too real.

Rainier Talls. Shit beer and beer shits, but not shit luck.™


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love it when you wannabe middle-class white boys get perpetually stuck in the faux homeboy groove. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

10:13 AM  

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