Wednesday, January 31, 2007

corporate flyfishing smashed!

As reported all over the FF blogosphere, the Little Juanita River is once again,, public water. The Spring Ridge Club, a private group, had claimed the water was private and had gone so far as to string piano water across the river to deny access. The case went to trial and the Hunnington County court, in a strongly written decision said, "This fucking case is bullshit. Fuck you, you rich fucking greedhead pricks."
Looks like the kids at the Klub will have to revise this page. Eat it, dicks.


Anonymous Uncle tim said...

" Little J was used for the shipment of whiskey, grain and other goods from the time pioneers settled Central Pennsylvania"
Note to self, ALWAYS carry whiskey and grain, tho cannabis might not be classified as grain it do grow from the dirt, anytime I'm fishing.

6:36 PM  

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