Friday, May 19, 2006

Check's in the mail!

Moldy Chum blows me away. They are like the AP/Reuters of the flyfishing blogosphere -- on top of every story, posting every bit of wierdness/minutae that breaks the surface of our little pond. How do they do it? Staffers? Interns? An ample supply of freshly harvested adrenal glands? And what of Fishing Jones? Multiple posts per day? Posting video? Talking about "sitemeter referrals"? What the heck is all that stuff? I'm still blogging by fax over here at the Whitefish compound. Anyway, bottom line: both blogs mentioned AHW recently and have therefore earned themselves entry into the VIP lounge at our upcoming launch party. Thanks guys!


Blogger Pete said...

Thanks for the plug. And nice obscure Hunter S. Thompson referrence in this post.

7:29 AM  

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