Tuesday, May 16, 2006

in which we add to the stable and edit some stock BS

I've added a few links over there (---->) on the right sidebar.

Making the cut:
Flytimes -- WT is a lights out fisherman, takes good photos and is a gracious writer.
Moldy Chum -- I have caught moldy chum. Moldy chum are my friends. This is a great blog spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of fish... and whatnot.
Trout Underground -- This is pretty much what most fishing blogs aspire to be when the grow up. Not this one, mind you. Ass Hooked Whitey will continue to piss in the pool, bitch and moan, spew vulgarities and fart in the general direction of the hip priests of the angling arts.
Tattered Fly -- Nice downhome Idaho blog -- but then, I have a soft spot for Idaho.
Schmidt's Walkabouts -- Even tho the guy namechecks Jimmy Buffet, I'm still including him.
Fishing Jones -- Lots of multimedia, lots of news. AHW will never be this good.
Fishing Goddess -- Angie, dear heart, how can you type with both a dildo and a half bottle of Beam in those manly mitts o' yrs?

Yr out the band, sunshine
Ifish -- I don't care.


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