Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ernie Schwiebert -- Bad Ass

As just a regular old dude who occasionally makes drunken and profane posts on fishing bulletin boards, I'm not a fan of Fly Anglers Online simply because they refuse to find a place under their tent for the drunken and the profane. In fact, I'd much rather make fun of them than praise them, but praise from an unwilling tongue is so much more sweet, is it not? Here's a really well-written report regarding the recent Earnest Schwiebert memorial service held at Princeton University penned by lesyoung, who -- and I'm only guessing here-- isn't the guy who played sax for Count Basie all those years ago... but shit... I'm a lot older than most of you kids and I actually remember Lester Young. You think that punk Jack White is a showman? You think you are down with hip-hop, trip-hop and punk rock? Lester Young would have busted you slakjawed and stolen that Ipod... But anyway...please forgive my rambling...


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