Thursday, May 18, 2006

bat-shit crazy of just off the meds?

Unhinged posters really can make a rather mundane FF board a bit more lively. Consider the certifiable kooks out there (i'll refrain from naming names here, you know who you are). But an entire BLOG of bat-shit craziness? That, my friends, is solid entertainment. Over at the Fishing Goddess, Angie really lets 'er rip.
Money quote:

Imagine me sitting in a short black skirt, white low cut blouse with black tie hanging below my gorgeous cleavage, I adorn dark thick rim glasses and my hair is in a loose bun. I sit in a leather high back chair with legs crossed wearing fuck me black pumps and ORATING in a heavy thick German Accent...

"You see gentlemen, for these C&R specimens the steelhead represents their penis. So in their confused diluted minds, they are trying to save their steelhead penis from extinction and to keep them spawning at all costs. See since they can’t spawn themselves, just the fact that knowing that the steelhead that represents their penises are spawning gives them sexual satisfaction. Plus, the most important part is that no one wants to think about their penis becoming extinct. "

Gold, Angie! Pure solid gold!


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