Monday, April 23, 2007

update: spring ridge club begins its appeal

Fly fishing's public enemy #1 has begun its appeal in the Little Juanita case. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, on oral hearing prior to the appeal was to take place 4/18. Quotes? Oh, we've got quotes:
"To this date, we have never shut off a single inch of water that was publicly accessible," Beaver said. "It was already private property before we got there. Our strategy has been, if it's closed, then what am I taking? Actually, I'm opening it up to 120 members who brought in almost 2,000 guests last year."

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Anonymous Tom Chandler said...

Never shut off an inch of public water? How about the cables unlawfully strung across the Little Juniata to prevent public float access?

Poor Donny. He's just misunderstood...

12:24 PM  

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