Monday, April 23, 2007

wherin we survey the fly fishing blog scene

Fly fishing blogs. We are surely blessed, no? All the rich variety of an old outhouse. Cranks, misfits, looney tunes and squalid criminals all brought together like some virtual bouquet. Take a breath... breathe it in... OK,, let's go!
The Water Swatters is a pretty swell new blog. Good typing, funny, subversive. Yup, we is gonna add them to the sidebar.
"The Hinge" who is/was something of a "personality" on the pits of despair known as fly fishing bulletin boards has a newish blog called Loghova. Funny. Little to no fly fishing content -- which can only be a good thing.
No posts on teh windknot since March 8? Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.
And speaking of good blogs with too few posts... well, we're looking at yuo Sir Jackson...
Voluntary Beatdown are back from their recent unfortunate spate of "work". Good to have them back.
Way Upstream is a newish blog. Thee Kolleckktive senses some potential here...
James Pio has a new blog. It's called "troutgrass".
Did you know that Wally over at Flytimes almost died after flipping over his boat on the Clark Fork. Yikes!!!
And finally... a big congrats to Tom over at Trout Underground who is kinda/sorta celebrating what may or may not be his first anniversary. Huzzah!!!
Did we miss your blog? Post in comments...

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Blogger john montana said...

no love for carponthefly? i can't say that i blame you, fishing time is hard to come by lately.

check out my buddy justin's blog...he has some good stuff:

10:50 AM  
Blogger thee trouthole said...

John, we give yuo the love all the time... like last week even! I will add you to the sidebar tho... m'kay?

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Butner said...

so, am I the only person left in the world who doesn't have a fly fishing blog?

wait a minute, i do! I just haven't bothered to post there since I started it more than a year ago.

what a loser.

to me, the difference between writing a blog and posting to a board seems analogous to the difference between talking to yourself, and talking to your pets.

One is a sign that you're lonely. One's a sign that you're crazy.

Nothing says you can't be both, I guess.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous steve stracqualursi said...

I am honored by Thee Kolleckktive's mention of my "newish" platform. I have seen the light of the blogosphere. I will do my best to prove your senses correct.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Ulyssess Chamberlain Rockefeller said...

Thanks for the props Thee; Me and the Waterswatters crew will catch you in the VIP, natch


4:57 PM  

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