Monday, August 21, 2006

holy jesus! MAMMOTHS ON THE YAK!

The (lame ass) Seattle Times has a decent story of an archeology dig on the banks of our beloved Yakima River. Yes, there is a mammoth -- a big fucking mammoth -- and they may have found a spear point -- or something, but let's not get carried away, m'kay?

Now, a tantalizing find this summer promises to raise the project's profile.

A stone flake from an ancient knife was unearthed in one of the pits, just inches from the bones.

That doesn't mean the 8-ton beast was felled by a spear. But if the stone tool turns out to be as old as the mammoth bones, which have been dated, it could add to evidence questioning the conventional view that North America was populated 13,500 to 14,000 years ago by people who walked across the Bering Strait land bridge.

"If the flake was 16,000 years old, that would make it a very important site," Lubinski said. "But we really don't know yet if it's associated with the bones."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could stop improvements in the canyon eh?

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Colin Rich said...

Is it just me or are not most fucking rocks gonna older than the goddamned Mammoth?

8:36 PM  

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