Wednesday, August 16, 2006

blackrock/yakima: the wheels begin to grind

Interesting piece by leah beth ward in the yakima herald regarding the the proposed black rock project. Ward does a good job on a story that has many new n' interesting "growths" emerging regularly -- but it's also frustrating simply because she didn't get enough room to really let this story breath. Witness: A 2-day conference hosted by something called the Yakima Basin Storage Alliance; Doc Hastings laying down smack; irrigators and tribal leaders making general nice-nice; and Rick George, manager of an Umatilla salmon restoration program with the money quote:
Twenty-pound chinook are back on the order of 30,000 each spring and the salmon that spawn are wild, he said, adding: "The most popular fishing hole in Pendleton is near the Taco Time."

Woo. Woo.


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