Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Non-golfing golfers and the fly fishermen that hate them

Jack Nicklaus as is a golfer. He's won a shitload of major golf golfing golf-offs and is noted for his rather cartoon-like voice. Unlike the golfer named Arnold Palmer, he does not have a delicious summer cooler named in his honor. Too bad for the golfer named jack Nicklaus... Anyway, this Mr. Jack Nicklaus -- golfer -- fellow has just been named national spokesperson of something called the Federation of Fly Fishers. Alas...
As anglers, we must recognize the role of golf: it existing only to keep dumbshits off the rivers, the estuaries, the carp flats. What has compelled these golfer to cross borders? This seems rather dangerous to me. Over on the Drake, it seems as though Ursus may agree, that this intermingling may not be "a good thing".
Money Quote:
This rich, pansy ass "avid fly angler" (only when in pristine water in a guide's boat catching big ass fish that most of us will rarely see) is going to represent you and I and the fisheries? What you and I and what fisheries? Is he going to represent the you and I that fish chub infested waters just for a chance at a nine inch wild brown hanging on for dear life in our marginal little home water stream? You know the one that no one builds million dollar homes on? The you and I that fumbled around for a few years trying to figure out how to catch our first steelhead on a fly? The you and I that when we do splurge for a guide we ruin our arms and backs and refuse to rest because - lets face it $300 is a fuck of a lot to pay for fishing. The you and I who are getting squeezed out of good water by the gazillion dollar me,me,me assholes? The you and I that work all goddamn week in mediocre jobs we can barely stomach just so we can fish a little on the weekend - and usually in chub-infested waters? The you and I that have lengthy discussions about why $600 is just too much to pay for a fly rod no matter how good it is?
Yeah right.


Anonymous Snap said...

I take it Ursus don't play the whackfuck?

/me thinks that complaint should go directly to FFF if it bothers him so much. Hopefully FFF will reconsider, for his sake, and allow him to be spokesperson.

11:09 PM  
Blogger thee trouthole said...

i must add here that Ginsing Sullivan's pithy rejoinder: "how do you feel about Hale Irwin?" should win some kinda prize... seriously

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of piss-ass snobbery!

Mr Nicklaus is no 'arm chair' golfer - it's his job! So how does your 'mediocre' job entitle you more than him?

Any BTW, he's probably been a fishermnan longer than you've lived.

Fucking elitists!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Snap said...

Redneck Hillbilly Golf could save us all.

9:34 AM  

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