Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gone fishing

thee ass hooked whitey does not condone cruelty to mutts. thee ass hooked whitey does not condone ANY cruelty to animals. thee ass hooked whitey does not condone NFL sanctioned dog fighting. thee ass hooked whitey especially loves golden retrievers, labs, mountain dogs, heelers, shepards, aussies, whippets, dalmations... what have you... we needed a picture... fast, because it's late and we are off to fish with VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. therefore and stuff notwithstanding, we gotta get to bed, but it appears that this poor buddy realized that yep, he was hooked and yeah, it hurt, but daddy was gonna take care of it for him and that, by god, a pig ear was waiting somehere... in the horizon... after these temporary blues had passed. god love the dogs...
we shall return wed or thurs... depending (of course) on the fishing...


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