Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bull trout = 169% badass

Our man in the tri-cities, Vern, had a couple pretty kick-ass run ins with badass bull trout while angling down in Oregon. We feel not a whit of sympathy for this trout. He oughtta know that if you fuck wiff a bull, bring a baggie for yo teef:
This one took the rainbow in fast water, then hung on as I hauled it up thru rapids and over rocks, into the quiet shallow pool I was standing in. All the while, I could see the elk-hair caddis in the small trout's mouth. You can see my leader in the picture; it looks like the bull has his mouth around it. Jim took this picture while the fish were right at my feet. If you look closely behind the bull's eye, you can see my reflection... note the bent rod.
Amazingly... the rainbow(s) survived their respective ordeals.

Via Westfly


Blogger michael said...

bulls rule.

2:12 AM  

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