Tuesday, January 16, 2007

new paint, breaking news at flytimes

Wyatt over at flytimes redesigned and renamed his site. We are now to refer to "Wally's Blog" as Flytimes "old Timey" Fly Fishing Blog. It's kinda got a ring to it, and yes, we agree, those steamboats are indeed ruining everything. However the big new is that Big Papi Wyatt has broken the news that the beloved Chopaka Lake in N. Central Washington is about to get zapped by the WDFW due to a smallmoouth bass infestation.
Money Quote:
Bob Jateff, District Six Fish Biologist, WDFW.
"Our plans are to do the rehab in the fall of 2007, but I do agree with you that spring would be better. Unfortunately, it takes approximately one year from the time that you decide to do a rehab until the time you actually complete the treatment. This is due to the Department of Ecology's regulations that we must follow very closely. That still doesn't mean that I can't try to move it up a bit, it's just that I doubt if it would be much before September before we get the okay."


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