Thursday, September 07, 2006

generally, rants are supposed to have a point

Unless you are Castwell! Not quite sure what he's saying here, but he is wandering into the incomprehensible territory blazed by... oh... i dunno... Colston Newton? And yeah, it gets better. The rant triggered a discussion on the FAOL board, but when someone said, What the fuck are you on about, dude? the post was pulled, Castwell grunting to his minions: "I pulled the topic because folks were miss-quoting, making up quotes, making groundless accusations and basically lying, fighting, being disruptive and trying to instigate something. Anyone offended by this please leave." That's gold, baby, gold!
Money Quote:
I see no good reason that they can not continue to rent canoes instead of kayaks. Canoes are at lease aesthetic, well somewhat anyway. So today's canoes are not birch-bark, I can live with that. But, why do we need to put some wobbly-bobbly boatetts from the frozen arctic on this river? Watching them just destroys the image.


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