Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lava! red hot lava!

Over at the Drake, Eat Shad and Die displays some formidible literary skills in this thrashing of some (hopefully fictional) fly shop manager. Pretty funny, and the venom... it's like lava! Man.... can you feel it?
Money Quote:
Puff's got game, and he will continue the tradition of all Orvis personnel of nodding the head in an up and down direction while listening to the umpteenth wealthy sphincter-face talk about his latest trip to Patafucinggonia or New DamnZealand and schlepping back to the wader/boot storage area which is seldom in the same ZIP code as the rest of the store, and fetching the fifth pair of waders for the cigarette-wrinkled trophy wife of some concrete contractor who never finished the 10th grade but has made so much geld he can go to Bristol Bay twice a year, and this year, by damn, Bunny, the fourth wife, is gonna go and catch her a big-ass salMON, and do those look good, honey? I kinda don't like this you have these in a pewter or something a little less, well, you know, earthy?


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