Monday, June 19, 2006

Newton Award Nominee!

From Fly Fisherman's Haverodwilltravel: "If we killed bin laden,would some Americans weep?"
Mooney Quote:
I think they would.There are some so desperate to seize power in this country that they would hate to see bin laden brought in dead or alive,the war successfully won and the troops come home victorious.Frankly,I think some would be ill over it as seen in recent weeks.
Their feigned concern over the troops would definately disappear and they would be noticably (as always)absent from any homecoming celebration.Cindy Sheehan,Michael Moore,the media etc.....would internally combust. John Fnnn Kerry would claim it was his idea to stay the course as he hopped the fence where he lost his sack.
Pure Gold!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahw -- after reading the last two posts on this blog, i've just realized... this must be the easiest blog in the world to write... i mean... idiocy abounds...

but thanks for being here...

1:48 PM  

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