Tuesday, June 13, 2006

a fine thought

From the open thread. A fine thought and one certainly taken to heart. Thanks:
So chief, you had this great idea for a blog linking to entertaining threads on FF BB's. neat idea for a micro-microcosm view on things. But you spend your talents on negative ugly things and what do you get? If you think you can spend your time and energy on ugliness and grow your own self in beautiful ways then you are mistaken. Take a look at many of those that you challenge; they have grown the same way only to become ugly and hateful.

At this place in your life you have no excuse for bringing ugliness into your heart, home and life. You are on a threshold; celebrate it with joy and beauty.

It doesn’t interest me who you can chastise and own, I want to know who you have celebrated and learned from, sat with and shared your passions of things joyous.


Anonymous Scott said...

wise words from our friend Paul. Some of us know precisely how well you can write, and know that you can keep your edge without slicing quite so randomly.

3:28 PM  

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