Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update: post pulled!

The homophobic thread (referenced in the two posts below) instigated by Fly Fisherman's alleged mods was pulled this evening after I returned from my hockey game. Big surprise! Another poster on the site asked why, but received no answer. The real reasons for pulling the thread are pretty transparent.
  1. Simple ass covering. The thread in question was so bigoted, so abusively homophobic and so ugly that Flyfisherman really had no choice but to pull it. Especially since the mods were the ones hurling abuse. That Primedia would tolerate those attitudes and actions by those in positions of responsibility is sad, sad, sad. Of course, I doubt the mods pulled it of their own volition. They ain't that bright.
  2. Then again, they were getting owned so hard (by moi) that they did what cowardly bigots always do -- they bailed -- if only to save themselves from more ridicule.
All and all, not Flyfisherman's finest moment.


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