Monday, June 12, 2006

a "slow news day" in the FF world

So I'm gonna post Schmidt's anti-strike indicator rant.
Money Quote:
I think that fly casting among most flyfisher is becoming a lost art and that the strike indicator has had a lot to do with this fact. All of us, in the industry are a fault here, guides, shops, and manufacturers. In these time of immediate gratifications we’ve looked to quick fixes. Rather than take the extra time to teach new and experienced flyfishers the wide variety of nuances this sport has to offer we focus on meeting, often times, unrealistic expectations and defer to using techniques and aids that can limit one learning.

As a result I feel that the strike indicator has led to a decline in the popularity of dry fly fishing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

decline in popularity of fly fishing due to indicator usage?? Bring it!

What decline in popularity??

11:55 AM  
Anonymous TC said...

Schmidt's a nicer guy than I am. I don't think indicator nymphing's the first step on the road to hell, but if that's all that fly fishing was, I'd use a spinning rod.

Indicator nymphing's also the preferred method of my least-appreciated fly fisher -- the Body Counter. I rant here:

10:32 PM  

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