Wednesday, May 24, 2006

redeeming qualities

FAOL takes a ton of shit from other "cooler" FF BBs out there -- and you know who you are. But while the cool kids at the Drake and Fly Fishermen are dislocating their elbows with constant self-referential in-jokes and back patting, FAOL chugs along -- oblivious, cantankerous and pretty much not caring what you or I think. This post, on foam block drift boats simply rules. Having seen P. Dieter's homespun foam block drifting monstrosities, it's easy to gain an appreciation for these punk rock, DIY ugly ducklings. Just as cool is this post, pointing to the totally friggin' boss Pandora site -- even if the posters do reveal themselves to have zero musical taste, Pandora still rocks! Nice job you dorks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think FAOL is a good site for many reasons, mostly because I can always find a decent pattern I need to tie (like a crayfish or something) that I don't normally have as a fly in my box. The problem with Mr. and Mrs. Old Coot is they think everyone just bought their first rod yesterday, and they seem stuck in that mindset.

Its not that I don't mind old coots. I have fished with Mike Kinney, who should patent "Old Coot". Though once he figures out you know what you are doing he becomes a decent guy.

And, you will never fall off of your chair laughing at the ridiculous stuff you find on the Drake, for instance, on FAOL.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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