Monday, May 29, 2006

limited out?

how far is too far on the drake (the board with "no rules") asks board honcho nemo, ex post facto... seems the drake's cruise director pulled an "offensive" poll by some typer named fishmaster flex. to cover his tracks or, perhaps as a mea culpa, nemo then posts a "wuz i wrong?" poll on his site and then ducks out of the line of fire. how far is too far? it appears we're finding out.... but i can't quite suss in which direction.

feh... lame...

(normally, i'd put a bit more effort into the backstory here, but i reckon most AHW readers will be able to suss the context. ) this post, appears to be related in some strange, truncated way. again, the typing handywork of mr. fishmaster flex.

flex's money quote:

I wasn't really trying to get anyone up in arms about it, the rules said "no rules". Maybe the rules should forever read "no rules, but, you can't insinuate in thread or poll that someone might want to kick Cathy Beck in the crotch". I voted for no censorship.

this entire "episode" seems a bit "drive by", but i feel compelled to a least post this note to angie da fishin' goddess: someone is gaining on you, sunshine...


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