Tuesday, May 30, 2006

jack hitting the road?

We've been hearing rumors that Jack Mitchell's tenure in the Yakima canyon (AHW's home waters) may be about to come to an end. Mitchell has been leasing two launches/camps -- Umptanum and Big Horn --from property owner Vic Jansen since the spring of 2004. Now, say sources, Jansen is close to reaching an agreement with the state on a land swap deal that may put the parcels in the hands of the public. According to the source, negotiations have been ongoing for for almost two years. These negotiations, I am told, are close to being completed. Can there be better news for a Yakima River angler? Nope. Imagine it: two new launch spots back in the public domain, up to 20 camping spots at each site? AHW's small cold heart leaps! More news as I get it....


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: )

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do we consecrate the deal with a burning pram?

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