Thursday, May 10, 2007


Who is Vinny?

Vinny was born with an extremely rare neurological disorder called Canavan Disease (CD). Only about 500 cases have ever been documented in the US. Because he lacks a gene that controls acid build up in the white matter of his brain, his motor functions are severely affected. Since his grey matter is not affected, his thinking ability is not diminished. But he cannot walk or speak or even hold up his own head. He can, however, reach out, communicate through noises, and smile and laugh to let you know he is happy. While there is no cure for CD, we want you to join us to help the Wardens make Vinny as happy and comfortable as possible while we are graced with his presence. You can read more about this wonderful little boy at or on V-bay: the charity auction site to benefit Vinny Warden.

What is V-bay?

As suggested by the name, V-bay is a charitable auction of (generally) fishing related goods and services donated from the heart.

You’ll find:

Flies of all kinds: Unique fresh and saltwater selections handmade by some of the most skilled and inventive tiers around.

Gear: Quality new and gently used rods, reels, nets, and other essentials you wouldn’t want to hit the water without.

Services: Take a guided trip or boost your fishing and tying skills with the help of Vinny’s aunts and uncles.

Vinny’s attic: To us, you’re like family. Feel free to poke around here. You never know what you might find.

Got your attention? Good. Please visit V-bay today at where Vinny and the high bidder always win.


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