Tuesday, March 13, 2007

digital hotspots (besides AHW, of course)

Holy smokes, while thee Kollecktive was away recently the issue of digital hotspotting has become the latest shrieking point on the fly fishing pits of despair. What's digital hotspotting? Well, over at the Digital Fishing Guide they'll send you GPS waypoints of an allegedly super-dooper fishing hole, a flash slideshow of the site as well as some PDFs with additional info. How much? $45.00. HAW-HAW-HAW!!
Blogger Zach Matthews now offers zip files containing google earth files of locations including the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. Matthews does not charge for his downloads. So why does he go through the trouble?
I believe that our fisheries are becoming overcrowded, particularly in the Southeast. The reasons for overcrowding aren't natural, however, but instead are a product of a crowd mentality. On any given Saturday morning on tailwaters throughout the eastern U.S., you may find yourself seeking solitude among a crowd of other anglers standing shoulder to shoulder. This is ironic, because perfectly good warmwater and lesser trout fishing opportunities abound in every state. Are "lesser" streams still fun to fish? Of course they are, particularly if the pressure is less and you have room to breathe. Further, many of these spots are close to towns and cities, providing harried workaday anglers the chance to get on the water when a full day trip isn't on the table.

There's one other big goal here, and I think it is important. Rivers need friends. While too many friends can crowd out and kill a river, having none at all is usually worse. If you visit a location you see here to find that it is littered or degraded, please consider organizing a clean up. Many "marginal" fisheries got that way through neglect, and with a little attention, could once again support excellent fishing.

And so the bulletin boards are in yet another tizzy. The action can be followed at FAOL, the Drake, Fly Fishermen and certainly a host of other sites (sigh). Feel free to add your insights in comments.


Anonymous Zach Matthews said...

Thanks for reprinting enough of my comments to give people a fair picture of what I am doing. I don't view my goals as anything like those of the GPS-salesmen. I also doubt any fisherman worth his salt would consider paying for where-to-stand information (which I have avoided except in one instance, where a map is already sold in a local shop). Feedback on this technology has been decidedly mixed, but I think if used carefully it can do more good than harm. I know others will disagree with that, but I think the contrast provided by the GPS-sellers illustrates the difference between me and them nicely. I hope people are inspired by my links to try carp or white bass fishing near their homes rather than automatically rushing to the crowded tailwater with everyone else.

Thanks again.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real picture is you are a self promoting clown that gets his jollies off seeing your name in print. It is not to help anybody other than you get more hits on your website. That's the real reason.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Zach Matthews said...

Nothing makes a bigger man than anonymity, pard. Get over it; it's here to stay.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Nick Laeder said...

Here to stay as long as Zachy can keep his name in print.

Ego maniac.

Admit it Zach. You're not doing this to promote the sport, help the fish, or any other altruistic reason. You love to see your name in print. Plain and simple.


8:21 AM  

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