Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the pittsburgh pirates: thee most flyfishingest team in the MLB

That is, unless they were fishing with Donny Beaver at the olde spring creek ranch. via the pitt trib review:

After practice, first baseman Adam LaRoche had a long chat with chairman of the board Bob Nutting. They swapped stories about their shared passion for hunting and fishing.

"I'd like to meet up with him and do a little fly-fishing," LaRoche said. "They've got a camp, 5,000 acres or something, about an hour from Pittsburgh. It's always nice to have something in common with the owners."

• Nutting arrived in Bradenton on Saturday but did not address the team until yesterday. He used the free time in between to do some fly-fishing. Judging by the smile on his face and the distance between his outspread hands as he talked about the trip, it would seem the fish were biting for Nutting.


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