Tuesday, October 24, 2006

light fuse. get away (redux)

Just in time for Halloween, she's back! Angie, the AHW kollective loves yuo!
Money Quote:
Once upon a time, when Miss Angie was rowing a gear client... A handsome giant Norwegian fella, named Jeremy... The “Troll of the Sauk” approached Miss Angie and client while she was a pluggin.

I looked over and thought I recognized Pat Hogan editor of Salmon Steelhead Journal in the front of “Wannabe Bad Santa’s” piece of shit FIBERGLASS drift boat, which was ghastly adorned with guide stickers. No one and I said no one, puts their guide stickers on the outside of their boat. Especially, 10 of them.


Because you get fucked with. Man are you people stupid?

So he rows up to me RIGHT before I get to the sweet spot, and asks...

“Are you that female guide?”

I responded sarcastly, because remember folks I don’t talk to people on the river anymore, because of this sort of shit. You get a little famous and the FREAKS come out of the wood work. Did I ever tell the story of some fat guy that came up to me at the boat launch and said that he thought the Skagit was so dangerous he was thinking about putting a seatbelt on his rowing seat.


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