Sunday, September 23, 2007

davis lake: trout vs. bass

The New York Times checks in...
Money Quote:
Some trout fisherman — especially in the Pacific Northwest — are inclined to look askance at bass angling; after all, those tricked-out boats, those Nascar-like tournaments and those television anglers who speak with thick drawls can seem a bit tacky to them....
The future of Davis is uncertain. The Upper Deschutes River Fish Management plan, drafted in 1996, calls for the lake to be managed as a trout fishery. This could mean poisoning all the resident bass (and any remaining trout) and starting from scratch — and staking long-term sustainability on a bet that water levels will moderate and the lake will return to its historical fecundity. This plan is complicated by the occasional presence of bull trout, a federally protected species.
Public opinion poses another conundrum.
“There are some in the fly-fishing community that feel that what we’ve got at Davis is a darn good fishery, and that we should manage it for what it is — one of Oregon’s best bass lakes,” Shrader said. “Others are adamant that Davis be returned to what it was.
“Nothing we can do from a management perspective can please everyone.”



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