Monday, December 18, 2006

fly fishing magazines: the beatings continue

This time it's Northwest Fly Fishing coming under attack from the normally bland partisans of the Washington Fly Fishing board. Seems the mag published an article re. the Toutle River and that has ruffled some feathers -- but it's not simply the hotspotting of this one gem that's gotten a rise from the boys at WFF, they're mad at the writers, editors, publishers, the interweb, their fellow fishermen you name it... Amidst the venting of spleens, however, there are some worthy remarks.
Money Quote:

Rather than a prime target for a whole day though, I stop by the Toutle on the way to or from the Kalama for a change of pace. Don't expect this to be the last untapped Klondike of steelheading in Western Washington, because it's not. I predict that there will be a short flurry of interest, then the Toutle will revert to the obscurity it so richly deserves.
These outdoor writers have to write about SOMETHING every issue, so this time it's my playground, next time you can be whore-ified to see your favorite haunt profiled. I look forward to meeting ya'll on the S fork this winter. Once.


Anonymous Trout Underground said...

Destinations sell. I don't mind kiss-and-tells so much on bigger fisheries, but when a NorCal writer (famous for kiss and tells) gave up a bunch of alpine lakes a few years ago, I wondered what would happen if I ran into him on the water.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bleeft ooh mnphh loort muflup oh bloopa!

(removes Bux's balls from his mouth)

Please don't tell people where I fish!


4:50 PM  

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