Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fly Fishing mags and the internet

During my (most recent) period of sloth, the entire "Dead tree media vs. the Blogs" debate has shifted over to Trout Underground -- which is fine, I reckon... I mean... they're a much better blog than we are, so huzzah! to them. Anyway, as a footnote to this discussion, I must note that the entire notion of "expert" fly fishing writers still makes me laugh. I've been a writer (Rolling Stone, MTV, SOMA, Seattle Weekly, coupla books, etc.) and editor (Boise Weekly, Dispatch, The Rocket,, WineX, etc.) my entire career, so I've seen an entire forest of horrible writing. However, perhaps the WORST SINGLE PIECE OF WRITING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE CAREER came during a rude brush with the braindead editorial staff of Fish and Fly mag. Editing a piece from some illiterate Michigan steelhead guide, I simply could not fathom the utter shittiness of the writing. That the editor of this pile of ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT was even attempting to push this through the editorial process was dumbfounding.
No, I certainly don't think fly fishing mags are going anywhere -- well, a few may end up in the shitter -- but there will always be room for some -- not all, of course, but some. But one only need consider the ever-expanding voice of blogs in the popular media to see their influence. To think that this same influence would not spill over into FF media is, of course, naieve. Fly fishing blogs now exert a new pressure on the print media. That pressure, as we now see, seems to be rather uncomfortable for some. Too bad...


Anonymous Snap said...

When considering any fly rag for purchase, rule number one is always 'will this make it to the shitter?'.. if it doesn't pass that simple test when flipping through it in a cursory manner, it doesn't get my dollar. The better, more interesting ones do.Bonus to those who don't have a million 3x5 cards nestled between the pages.
Blogs in general are putting the heat on the dead tree media of yester-yore. It's inevitable and should be embraced. Commercialism has never appealed to me, but neither really has been the prospect of purchasing a laptop and having it on my lap while I furiously navigate the web while i'm taking a crap. I enjoy the fly rags that arrest my attention with articles that pique my interest with minimal advertising intrusion. I know what I like, and I know how to find it on the internet, but looking it all up and laying it all out before I hit the can is just asking too much from myself.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous TC said...

Hey, the Underground's not "better" so much as "whinier." We've got our niche, and damnit, we're going to occupy it (as Darwin intended).

And yes, the "expert" fly fishing writer is an interesting notion. It's comical what defines an "expert" to the major rags; one insists on publishing stories by one wannabe who - if you check his own elaborate site - apparently doesn't actually fish but once in a while.

Too busy building the street cred I guess.

The content aside, one wonders what the pressures on advertiser dollars will do to magazine editorial budgets. The more dollars shifted from print to online channels means fewer dollars to pay writers, which likely means more wannabes...

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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