Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Damn it! Yakima River

The Capital Press is reporting that the Bureau of Reclamation has narrowed it ongoing study of possible water storage options in the Yakima River Basin -- Ass Hooked Whitey's personal stomping ground.
Money Quote:
As proposed, Wymer Dam and reservoir would be constructed on Lmuma Creek, about 1.5 miles upstream from where it joins the Yakima River. It would hold 174,000 acre feet of water that would be pumped from the Yakima in winter and spring when flows are high and not needed downstream.

Read all about the Wymer Dam. Comments, please


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck that shit. When are we going to ween those farmers of the wellfare doll anyhow?

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Snap said...

Yikes. If this happens, whadda ya think the river will look like up higher in the canyon?


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Scott Butner said...

thanks for posting this, Thee. This plan's been around for a while, but as far as I can tell not considered seriously until fairly recently. It is a MUCH lower cost option than the Black Rock project, which makes people take it more seriously -- I do think this is a project to be very concerned about. Those floods in the spring/winter are necessary part of the river ecology, besides, how else are we going to get rid of big fuckin' wire spools that some dumbass put in the river?

10:54 AM  
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